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Beyer Court- the historical building: market 6

Christian Beyer was born in Kleinlangenheim in Lower Franconia in 1482. In summer 1503 the young Franc registered at Wittenberg University and thus belonged to one of the first students of the fast- growing university. In 1505 he graduated wit a masters degree and became a lecturer at the masterly faculty. Three years later he was conferred a doctorate in both and got married.

He bought the site at „Market 6“ - nowadays well- known as „Beyer-Court“. In 1512 the house became the victim of fire. Beyer started rebuilding his house. Therefore he had to ask the elector for a rise of salary by 300 florins. At this time most of the students of the university lived in these big houses near the centre. As it is known, Luther and Melanchthon lived there, too.

In 1513 Dr. jur. Christian Beyer became elected Saxonian councillor and Lord Mayor of the town of Wittenberg. He was reelected in 1516, 1519 and 1522. During the next 8 years he became the Senior Mayor of the spa town and had important influence on the growth and wealth of Wittenberg. He was also active in lecturing. Though Martin Luther first criticized him, because he didn’t give up straight away the principles of the pope, he gradually converted to the reformed conviction.

In 1522 Christian Beyer had got many duties to fulfil as a mayor. The development of the reformation caused some unrest among the inhabitants of Wittenberg. When the Elector Friedrich the wise had died, and his brother Johann took over the rule, Christian Beyer was appointed to a court chancellor of the Elector`s court. So he became one of the highest civil servants of the electorate. Therefore Beyer resigned from the position of Wittenberg University and renounced his rights as a member of the town council.

In 1917 he was recognized with an epicaph for his companionship in the reformation. In addition you can find a commemorate plaque inside the court.


The virgin pipeline - a technical monument from the 16th century

The virgin pipeline with the nowadays still running „Old and New Virgin Pipeline“, unique technical monument from the 16 th century.

In 1556 prosperous inhabitants of Wittenberg got together to build a water pipeline. They breached a spring outside the town with a natural steep gradient till the market. In the old town centre there are still pumps running. At the Beyers Court you can see a tap running.

Entering Beyers Court you come across a so- called tap house. On the junction between the main pipeline and the connection pipeline there was situated a tap house, too. Therefore it was possible to close inflow, as soon as the user didn`t pay his depts for the consumed water.

Qrigin: Wikipedia / Torsten Schleese